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Turkeys are considered as the main symbol for the Thanksgiving Day. The birds are mainly found in the northern Mexico and eastern part of the USA. The male species are known as "Tom" while the females are called "hen".

The Turkey has brown features with buff-colored feathers on the tips of the wing and on the tail. The male turkey (Tom) as with most birds, is bigger and has brighter and more colorful plumage. The female turkey (Hen) is generally smaller and drab in color. The Tom turkey has a long wattle (a fleshy, wrinkled, brightly colored fold of skin hanging from the neck or throat) at the base of its bill and additional wattles on the neck, as well as a prominent tuft of bristles resembling a beard projecting downward from its chest.

Though there is no concrete evidence that turkey was served during the first Thanksgiving. But according to some historic evidences, it says that the English used to roast goose for any special occasion but the Pilgrims replaced it with turkey when they first held the Thanksgiving feast because these birds were available in abundance and were easier to find than geese.