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Customs and traditions play an important role is any festival and Thanksgiving is not an exception.

  • Gobbling Turkey: Eating at least one dish of turkey is a prevalent tradition on the Thanksgiving Day. Families and friends meet to celebrate the day with a grand feast.

  • Charity for the needy: Thanksgiving is all traditions offering pray to God and wishing for prosperity. Many people during this time try to help those who are needy. The families even unite together to ask for God's blessings and to thank Him.

  • Football: Football is one of the popular games in the USA and on the Thanksgiving Day people love to either participate or watch the game.

  • Making a Wish: The tradition initiated in Rome that while taking out the forked bone from the turkey, people make a wish. The English brought this custom to the United States.

  • Parades: Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade takes place in the New York City and held with grandeur even broadcasted on TV. It attracts numerous tourists every year.