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Thanksgiving Around The World

  • Greece: During the ancient times, the Greeks used to worship Goddess of grains, Demeter. The festival of Thesmosphoria used to take place every autumn to honor the goddess.

On the first day the married women used to make shelters in leaves and furnish them with couches made of plants. Second day they used to fast and on the third day, they used to have a grand feast and offerings were made to the goddess. It was believed that Demeter's blessings will yield more harvest in the following year.

  • Egypt: The spring time harvest festival was dedicated to Min, the god of vegetation and fertility. The festival used to take place with a parade where the Pharaoh used to take part. It was concluded with music, dance and a grand feast. After the Egyptian farmers harvested their corn they used to pretend to be sad to deceive the spirits which they believed dwell in the corns.

  • Rome: The harvest festival of the Romans, Cerelia was dedicated to Ceres, the goddess of corn. It is an autumnal festival held each year on 4th October. The first fruit of the harvest and pigs were offered followed by music, dance, sports and a thanksgiving feast.